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Volvo Penta Development VODIA V 5.2.50

Electronic diesel control for industry engines

Volvo Penta now offers electronic diesel control for its 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-liter industrial engines for all types of applications. The system known as EDC 4 is a refinement of Volvo Penta’s Electronic Diesel Control. EDC 4 is available in two designs. The first design is suited for installation in vehicle systems using CAN-Bus technology according to the J1939 standard. The other is regulated with a traditional potentiometer and is suitable for installation in applications with mechanical control.

EDC 4 offers major possibilities to adapt each engine after the application’s requirements. Volvo Penta, or the customers themselves, can simply adjust a number of different parameters.

VODIA – common tool for all engines

Volvo Penta is launching VODIA, a new tool for diagnosis and service. VODIA looks like a handheld computer and is very easy to use. Data and results from all tests, fault detection, diagnoses etc, are presented in text and clear graphics that the tool can secure from the engine. VODIA can also be used to adjust a number of parameters in the engine.

VODIA functions well with all of Volvo Penta’s electronic engines, gas or diesel and regardless of engine control system. This constitutes a major advantage for service shops, which now only need one tool, regardless of the engine model.

TAD722VE industrial engines for off-road and stationary applications

The new TAD722VE is a straight six-cylinder diesel with turbocharger and intercooler with 7.15 liters of cylinder volume. It is equipped with EDC 4 electronic engine control and unit pumps, which facilitate efficient fuel use. Gas emission levels are low and meet the EU and EPA phase 2 requirements. The engine is available in three different power ratings. The high-effect type has a full 220 kW power. At a rated power of 200 kW, there is another version with waste-gate turbo designed specifically for applications that require low-engine rpm. This type has a rated torque of 850 Nm at 1,000 rpm with a possibility to reach up to an impressive 900 Nm at 1,000 rpm.

Technical data

Engine designation: TAD722VE

Crankshaft output: 220 kW, 200 kW, 180 kW

Maximum torque: 1050 Nm at 1,400 rpm

Configuration: straight 6-cylinder, turbocharger with intercooler

Cylinder volume: 7.15 liters

Emissions: EU and EPA phase 2