Programmable clutch calibration ECA – Electric Clutch Actuator

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Programmable clutch calibration Update ECA – Electric Clutch Actuator

1. Remove the instrument panel cover on the passenger side, where the control units are located.

2. Locate the GMS command unit.

3. Disconnect the grey (C) and purple (B) electrical connections from the GMS cable harness into the GMS control unit.

4. Connect the electric cable 2 272 004 (D) to the GMS cable harness. The electric cable must be ordered.

   Connect the grey connector on the 2 272 004 electrical cables to the grey connector (C) on the GMS cable harness.

   Connect the purple connector on the 2 272 004 electric cable to the purple connector (B) on the GMS cable harness. 

   The electric cable 2 272 004 is 5 m long.

5. Connect the blue connector on the 2 272 004 to the Scania VCI (A) and connect the VCI to the compo- tabor as usual. 

   Both VCI2 and VCI3 can be used. 

   Use the USB cable with the VCI3, as the wireless connection does not work together with Update ECA.

6. If not already done, download the TIL Update ECA file, e.g., in the work area of your PC.

7. Start the file by double-clicking the update eca. A window appears.

8. Click Start update. After a few seconds the following window appears.

   The message No Software is running. 

   Switch Ignition on, please! Appears at the bottom of the window. Place the starting switch in the driving position.


   A log file is also saved on the PC, either on the desktop or in the directory where UpdateECA was saved, every time UpdateECA is initialized. 

   The file is called updateE-CA-datatime (e.g. updateECA-2014-02-13- 08-47-34). 

   It can be ignored and deleted if the update is successful. 

   Otherwise, see Fault Handling below.

9. Place the starting switch in the driving position. 

   The program will check which view- are software is installed on the ECA.


   If the software is from version 3.7.23 or 3.9.25, the message Software v3.7.23/3.9.25 detected, Update required! 

   In this case, the software must be updated.

10. Click the Start update button. This will start the update.

11. Turn off the ignition with the starting switch when the Software is running message appears. Next, click OK.

12. When the message in software is running appears, place the starting key in the driving position again. Next, click OK.

13. The control unit is updated.

    The key must be in the driving position and the electrical cables must be connected during the upgrade.

14. When the update completes successfully, the Software successfully updated message appears. Click OK.

15. Close and open the program and verify that the update was successful. 

    The message Software v3.7.231 detected, Update not necessary! Indicates that the update was successful.