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What’s new in DTS Monaco 9.02

What’s new in DTS Monaco 9.02?

Diagnostic Tool Set (Softing DTS 9) has new functionalities enable even faster and more cost-efficient diagnostic development.

The highlights of the new 9.02 generation include, in particular, remote diagnostic support in the engineering network (remote diagnostics) and the display and recording of Ethernet communication (DoIP, Diagnostics over Internet Protocol). New functions in the area of OTX support, based on the latest standard, enable a perceptible increase in the speed of work thanks to automation and the ability to precisely solve individual problems with self-generated user interfaces. The integration of function-oriented diagnostics with the Smart Diagnostic Engine (Softing SDE) has now already made the leap to the next generation of “diagnostic systems”.

Remote Diagnostics in the Engineering Network

the engineer can connect up remotely, carry out his/her own tests and correct any problems directly (remote software update) so that the actual tests in hand can be continued. This can save a lot of time and money, especially in globally operating teams, as travel can be avoided and expensive test resources shared.

Does DTS 9.02 work on W206?
ZenZefi certificates are needed.

Does DTS 9.02 work on W223?
For w223 it needs ZenZefi certificate.
This project files works partially not all ecus are able to be coded in w223 and w206 cars.
The zenzefi certificates are around 10 certificates as of now.
Xentry diagnostic still doesn’t work if you are having that 10 zenzefi certificates also still it doesn’t work.
You need for every single ecu separate certificates for Diagnostic and separate for coding. And there are 6 different Types of certificates. After sales Basic, Aftersaleaenhanced, Development, Development Enhanced, Production and Suppliers.

Do I need to remote DTS Monaco 8.13/8.16 if install 9.02?

No, you can have both DTS 8 and 9 on the same laptop.

Does DTS Monaco 9.02 work without activation/certificate?

No, without working zenzfei it’s actually less useful than DTS8.
and works on SMR only but not CBF.

Does that mean I don’t need to do SCN online any more? I can use DTS 9 to code all W223 W206 modules?
No, DTS 9 cannot fix anti-thief modules, such as EZS, VGS, Gearbox...
But they can fix modules which are not anti-theft modules, such as air conditioning, instruments, rear door modules…

For the anti-thief module, you still need to do online coding.

What’s the difference between DTS 8.16 and DTS 9?
DTS 8.16 can only work for old cars, while DTS 9 can work for new cars.

Do I need to remove DTS Monaco 8.16 if I install 9.02?
No, you can have both DTS 8.16 and DTS 9 on the same laptop. DTS8.16 for old cars, 9.02 for new cars.

Does DTS Monaco 9.02 work without activation/certificate?  

No, without zenzefi, it’s actually less useful than DTS8.16. and works on SMR only, but not CBF.

Full DTS has support for cbf. The 9.02 is an incomplete version.

DTS 8.16 works perfectly with all chassis. Online and Offline.

8.16 works with W223 and W297. It has been working for a long time, but you need an online account.

My car is W223, and One Light strip changed, I need coding session and flashing.

Yes, DTS Monaco 9.02 zenzefi working

I need do these coding for my W223:

Turn off side marker
Arabic language
Direction of mecca
Change temp from F to C ( ic and climate control)
Change symbol from Park to p
Radio range type from US TO Ece
Language set from America to ECE

Yes, Our zenzifi working for these modules, please check with our seller for detailed prices.

W223 SAM REAR changed, Can I use DTS 9?

Yes, you can use DTS9 to do coding

W223 headlight upgrade ?

Yes, Working

Can i use this for example 1 hour session to work on w213 facelift cars to do coding for radars which need secure ob board communication certificate. And then do the coding on it?


What's the best diagnostic tool for DTS 9.02?

Original mb star c6 ( original vci ) or Enet cable is the best tool to enter DOIP protocol

Do you do monthly zenzefi ?

No, currently we only support one time login

Do you have dts9 install files? 

You can order dts9 installation, activation and database service.